Flying to Truckee

Cirrus Air & Flying to Truckee

Today’s resort homeowners prefer owning closer to their primary residence. As Truckee and North Lake Tahoe continue to be a favorite location for resort homeowners all over the world, alternative commuting methods are becoming a reality. Just as demand for Truckee luxury resort living grows, so does the interest of visiting by private plane. For example, a commute from Palo Alto is reduced to just one hour with a private flight, with a much more flexible schedule than traditional airline travel. For regional trips, private planes will be the preferred way to travel compared to commercial flights. 

One private plane manufacturer, Cirrus Air, seems to have designed airplanes specifically for Tahoe– the way wide skis were specifically created for big Squaw Valley powder days. Cirrus planes include features every mountain pilot would prefer. They offer state-of-the-art Garmin touch screen electronic stability protection, weeping wing anti-ice system, infrared advanced vision system, and much more. What gives Cirrus planes the edge compared to any other private plane is their whole airplane parachute feature.  We expect new cars to be equipped with full passenger airbag safety systems, so we should expect the same and more from new private planes. A Cirrus plane can land using a parachute which provides a safety system no one else currently offers. 

Five years ago, I met Beth Duff at the Truckee Air Show. Beth is a pilot with Cirrus Air and visits Truckee often. If you are interested in learning more about Cirrus Air and would like to take a test flight with Beth, you can contact her at or please let me know and I will make the introduction. After spending an hour or two with Beth, your understanding about private flying will expand. You can also learn more at  

Flying To Truckee