Staging Tahoe Homes to Sell

Why Staging Works

There’s strong evidence from a variety of sources showing staged homes sell for  more money and in a shorter period of time than non-staged homes. Selling your house can be a highly competitive experience and any edge you can gain on your competition is beneficial in a Lake Tahoe and Truckee second home market.

People are attracted to beauty and simplicity. For example, when window shopping, do buyer’s notice beautiful intriguing displays, or the store with not much in the window?  The same situation happens when buyers view homes on the internet. The market priced homes with inspiring and attractive photos draw people’s attention. Strong internet views equate to potential showings.

Why does staging work?

Home buyers look for a house that ‘fits’, one they can imagine living, relaxing and entertaining in. When touring a property their experience should reflect as many of these sought after aspects as possible.

Why stage your house?

Imagine yourself walking into a beautiful five-star hotel room with pleasing art, perfect spatial lay-out, a beautiful and inviting bed, maybe even a balcony and view complete with outdoor seating and a bottle of Champagne.  You are not wondering about if the picture is perfectly placed, bedding is the right color, or room sizing. You are FEELING the beauty of exemplary design elements. Design elements register in a person’s subconscious.

Creating a space where people feel comfortable, can imagine themselves living and find pleasing to the eye are the mainstays of an excellent staging job.

Buying a home is a practical and emotional experience. Buyers return to a property they are considering purchasing more than once and often times it will be the home with their favorite presentation. One’s imagination takes over. You visualize living in this well designed space full of pleasing elements enhancing home life. Often these emotions transfer into new home-owner purchases.

If you want sell your house quickly and for the most money, hire a staging professional who understands what the North Lake Tahoe and Truckee home owners are looking for. At, we provide complimentary staging service with our listings.

More on  “How Stage your Home” in our next Blog!staging-photo