April 2016 Tahoe Donner Market Information


Based on the ratio of existing Tahoe Donner homes versus current inventory, we’re at an all-time inventory low in the Tahoe Donner market. Currently, 34 homes are for sale, or only one-half of one-percent of the total market! There are only six homes listed under $500,000 and six condos under $400,00. In the first 14 weeks of 2016, 14 Tahoe Donner homes have sold for over $1 million. This is a significant number considering in 2015, 16 sales over $1 million were recorded.

How does this information translate regarding your Tahoe Donner property? With a great winter season, an anticipated strong summer market, historically low inventory, low interest rates and a strong economy, it’s a Tahoe Donner seller’s market.

As a long-time Tahoe Donner resident, contact Mark Lowenstern to help you ascertain your current home value and provide a creative marketing plan to get your house sold. Mark can be reached at mark@earthandskyproperty.com or 530-318-2680.